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The start of a creative future

Story by The Selected Issue January 18th, 2015

2014, what a year.

For our project, this year marks the beginning of our creative lives and our dedication to making inspirational content directed at adventurers, creators and people in general who love making the best out of life.

The year began with an exciting trip to London, home town of two of our members. Equipped with no experience and only a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS I point and shoot camera, a passion was awakened. A passion for photography, capturing moments and places and sharing creative work with others. We learned that even with an only average camera as 15, 16 and 18 year olds, beautiful shots can be taken given a cautious eye.

2014-02-15 12.46.53 1.jpg
2014-02-17 01.22.09 1.jpg
2014-02-16 07.11.06 1.jpg
2014-02-17 01.18.00 1.jpg
2014-02-16 06.56.20 1.jpg
2014-02-18 07.01.29 1.jpg

Learning travelers

In the first half of the year we had the great luck of being able to visit many different stunning locations such as Paris, Italy or Berlin. On these travels we pursued our passion for photography and learned a lot about what it takes to make interesting photographs. We are very grateful for the opportunities we were given as we would not have been able to experience such great locations and share our experiences with an audience through our photos without them.

2014-05-24 11.39.57 1.jpg
2014-06-06 05.33.34 1.jpg
2014-04-21 08.55.54 1.jpg
2014-04-18 06.22.05 1.jpg
2014-04-19 09.45.18 1.jpg
2014-07-24 09.41.56 1.jpg

The selected issue begins

The arrival of our first DSLR camera, a Canon Eos 600d, marked the beginning of our project as an Instagram account. With this beginning also came yet another travel. This time to the Balaton Sea in Hungary. The first real challenge for us as we now faced a whole new set of possibilities and for the first time had the ability to create high quality content. The result of this way some of the best images we had ever taken, perfectly capturing our experience in Hungary.
2014-08-12 06.56.43 1.jpg
2014-08-14 02.16.20 1.jpg
2014-08-12 07.36.50 1.jpg
2014-08-17 06.58.57 1.jpg
2014-08-12 07.02.32 1.jpg
2014-08-17 08.59.21 1.jpg
2014-08-18 02.40.35 1.jpg

The exhibition

End of summer and autumn brought a new project for our team called “The Exhibition”. It was pretty much what the name already says. An exhibition about the use of multiple types of photography to surround one theme which was the life of our team member Kilian Ciocanel. The experience brought a lot of new knowledge and content which for the first time served a specific purpose and goal.

2014-08-28 11.55.23 1.jpg
2014-09-21 05.12.33 1.jpg
2014-10-03 05.14.38 2.jpg
2014-10-18 10.59.42 1.jpg
2014-11-01 07.56.00 1.jpg
2014-10-28 07.16.10 1.jpg
2014-10-28 06.14.35 1.jpg
2014-10-28 07.19.43 4.jpg

we finish strong!

With the year coming to an end and our travels being less apparent this time of year we started exploring our surroundings more and working with the natural opportunities we were given. Along with the autumn and winter photos we created we also started our YouTube channel with our channel trailer “Choices”.

2014-11-29 08.06.27 1.jpg
2014-12-26 04.12.00 1.jpg
2014-12-26 04.53.03 1.jpg
2014-11-29 05.57.41 1.jpg
2014-12-26 04.47.50 1.jpg
2014-12-26 03.10.44 2.jpg
2014-11-22 02.56.52 1.jpg
2014-12-26 04.45.04 1.jpg
2014-12-26 04.57.12 1.jpg


Our project has seen an incredible first year filled with unforgettable trips, experiences and content. We have big plans for the next year and the future in general and want to thank anyone who has supported us so far.

On that note, as we reflect on 2014 one last time, here is our favorite shot from last year.

2015, here we come!

2014-08-07 09.53.09 1.jpg
Footnote: Shot on Canon eos 600d and Canon PowerShot SX260 HS I.