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The inspiring locations of the Italian north

Story by The Selected Issue September 13th, 2015

Pretty milano

If there is one word I would have to describe Milan it would be “Style”. In every single way there is an atmosphere of style in the streets of the town. The beautifully constructed architecture within the sights ,such as the famous Duomo or the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, gives the impression that one is in the heart of cultural beauty. The real sense of style however comes from its people. No matter if young middle aged or old there is a general awareness of fashion which the people have in a way I have not experienced in any other town I have visited so far.

2015-03-29 09.16.39 1.jpg
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cinque terre

Sunshine, waves crashing into the sharp rocks by the sea side, and breathtaking views of the colourful buildings leave the visitors in contact awe. We found ourselves discovering the paths of the national park constantly asking ourselves how we got into this incredible location. Lucky to have visited during the not as tourist overwhelmed season of spring we enjoyed the peace of this Cultural gem on the north east coast of Italy especially because of its perfect balance and harmony between typical Italian architecture and beautifully diverse nature.

2015-04-02 02.02.18 1.jpg
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2015-04-01 06.46.50 1.jpg


Having heard and seen a lot about Florence my expectations were set high before arriving in the old town centre. They were not failed in any way.

Market places filled with goods and crafts, lively streets crammed with tourists and locals, art museums telling the aesthetic story of the town’s history, shops and cafés pulsating a creative atmosphere, awe inspiring architecture on every corner, and beautiful, stylish, and lovely people all around the town make florence the most enjoyable fascinating town I have every had the chance to stay in. Florence has truly changed our perspective on the way we see places surrounding us and the cultural capitol of the Tuscany is a place we plan on visiting again and staying for a longer period of time.

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The last evening

To finish of our trip across the Italian north we spent a couple of days by Lake Garda to relax and reflect on all the incredible locations we had visited within the last week. Garda’s laid back atmosphere put us into a state of total relaxation whilst we processed our Italy experience. Our last full day in Italy was my birthday. As a special request for this occasion I wished to see the sun set from above the lake. I can’t remember a sunset or birthday which has been more special.

Thank you Italy for having us. You are truly beautiful in every meaning of the word.

2015-04-17 01.32.56 1.jpg
2015-04-08 09.49.45 1.jpg
2015-04-08 09.40.56 1.jpg
2015-04-08 06.46.34 1.jpg
2015-04-08 09.44.55 1.jpg


Over the course of our trip we created two films surrounding the Tuscan capitol and the coastal national park. Our goal was to tell aesthetic stories which would ultimately capture the atmosphere we experienced whilst visiting and therefore giving our audience and idea of how it feels to be in these locations.


Footnote: Shot in 10 days on Canon 600d. Edited in VSCO.