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Loosing Connection to Nature

Story by The Selected Issue January 11th, 2016

We are all detached


We are all detached. As much as we believe to belong in this world and to be deeply connected with it, it is obvious that there is something different about us. It is a concept which might seem difficult to grasp at first but is easier understood once visualised. After thousands of years of “development” the human race has evolved in such a manner that it no longer seems to fit into the nature surrounding it. The way we live, the social structures we develop, the objects we craft are in no way comparable to other parts of what nature has created on our planet.

With no intention of putting any judgment upon the subject, this photoseries was created as a means of documenting and showcasing this detachment with room for judgement and interpretation by the viewer. By placing every day scenes from our lives into natural environments, we hope to have visualised the concept of how our behaviour and lives in general appears out of place. Whatever lesson is to be learned from this is for yourself to discover…

Inside of the water, where water shouldn’t be

2015-11-22 03.09.21 1.jpg

Isolated, between all living things

2015-11-21 03.45.35 1.jpg

                                                 Focused on things we imagine, ignoring what is real.

2015-11-21 03.17.15 1.jpg
                                                      Life as we know it is known to no one else.
2016-01-07 11.16.45 1.jpg

                                                          We spend a lifetime inside of the box.

2015-11-21 02.59.49 1.jpg

                                                            Asleep, ignoring what surrounds us

2015-11-21 03.24.01 1.jpg
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